WebGPU and Babylon.js: a fruitful collaboration


Horaire : 15:30–16:10

Salle : Pastel 1.

Catégorie : Web

Niveau recommandé : Intermédiaire.


WebGPU is a new Javascript API that allows Web pages to access advanced GPU functionality for fancier graphics and faster scientific computation (like ML) in the browser. The first version of WebGPU was released in Chrome in May 2023 and was extremely well received. Babylon.js is very popular state of the art Web 3D engine developed primarily by Microsoft. Since the Babylon.js 5.0 release it has full support for WebGPU.

In this talk Sebastian Vandenberghe, lead developer of Babylon.js at Microsoft, and Corentin Wallez, WebGPU chair and lead at Google (and Pechabou kid :D) will show practical benefits of aspects of WebGPU through their use in Babylon.js, and will show how the early adoption of Babylon.js shaped part of WebGPU.

Over the many years of WebGPU’s development they both collaborated directly. Sebastian’s extensive feedback contributed to shape WebGPU and in return Corentin helped him get Babylon.js get the gains promised by WebGPU. After some general context we will detail several aspects of Babylon.js’ use of WebGPU to exemplify the benefits of this API, as well as examples where feedback changed the API. If time permits we’ll also give a quick peek at what’s planned in the future.


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